JUVÉDERM® Provides Dramatic Nonsurgical Rejuvenation

Woman's jaw and JUVÉDERM® logoIn addition to creating beautiful smiles for his patients, Dr. Van O’Dell now offers a new line of service: Absolute Skin Solutions. For patients desiring a more dramatic transformation in their appearance, he can rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles, and more. JUVÉDERM®, provided at our North Little Rock, AR, practice, is a safe and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that can significantly reduce facial wrinkles and folds. It can also enhance volume in the cheeks and augment the lips for improved contours and a more youthful appearance.

Is JUVÉDERM® Right for You?

If you desire more volume in your cheeks or lips, or have fine lines and wrinkles, you can likely benefit from JUVÉDERM®. JUVÉDERM® contains hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the human body and contributes to youthful skin volume and elasticity. JUVÉDERM® is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. 

This dermal filler can enhance volume in the cheeks, augment the lips, and eliminate wrinkles for improved contours and a more youthful appearance.

JUVÉDERM® may not be right for you if you have facial scarring, or thin skin that has lost significant elasticity. Dr. O’Dell can discuss alternative options with you if he feels you are not a good candidate for JUVÉDERM®. It is important to note that while JUVÉDERM® is one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers available, the effects are not permanent. Re-treatment is necessary to maintain your youthful appearance.

The JUVÉDERM® Procedure

Prior to treatment, Dr. O’Dell will discuss your cosmetic goals and carefully review your medical history to ensure you are a good candidate for JUVÉDERM®. If you are a candidate, Dr. O’Dell will advise you to stop taking anti-inflammatory medications one to three days before your procedure.

When you arrive for your procedure, we will thoroughly cleanse the treatment areas. Although there is minimal discomfort associated with the JUVÉDERM® injection process, Dr. O’Dell may apply a topical numbing cream to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Once the area is numb, Dr. O’Dell will inject the JUVÉDERM® into the treatment areas. 

The entire process takes about 30 minutes or less to complete. Once your treatment is complete, you can return to work or your regular daily activities. You can apply makeup, but you should do so gently to avoid irritating the injection sites. You may experience some redness, soreness, or slight bruising, but these should all subside within a few days. You should also avoid unprotected exposure to the sun and extreme temperatures. 

Advantages of JUVÉDERM®

Most patients notice immediate improvements in their facial contours, but, it can take several days to see your full results. JUVÉDERM® is a long-lasting treatment. On average, you can expect your results to last up to a year or more. With JUVÉDERM® you can enjoy smoother, younger-looking skin. You can also experience improved contours in your cheeks and lips. 

Schedule Your Absolute Skin Solutions Consultation

If you are unhappy with your appearance due to signs of aging, Dr. O’Dell can help. He can use JUVÉDERM® by itself, or combine it with other treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic to achieve your desired results. Contact our office online today or call (501) 758-5006 to schedule your consultation.

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