Mini Dental Implant Surgery Can Be a Good Alternative for Many Patients

Dental implants have improved the lives of many thousands of patients with missing teeth. However, surgery with traditional dental implants is not an option for all patients. Mini dental implant surgery at the Little Rock, AR, dental practice of Dr. Van O’Dell can be an excellent option for these patients. Dr. O’Dell uses 3M mini dental implants, and he is adept with their surgical placement. Once your mini implants are in place, he can attach your existing denture or a new denture to dramatically improve your dental function, comfort, and health.

Why Opt for Mini Dental Implant Surgery

Jaw bone degeneration is a common occurrence when teeth have been missing for awhile. Bone grafting has opened the door for many patients, allowing them to take advantage of all the benefits associated with traditional dental implants. However, the complexity of bone grafting coupled with the financial investment associated with dental implants eliminates many patients as candidates for either procedure, which is precisely why mini implants were developed. In addition, surgery for mini dental implants is considerably less invasive than surgery for traditional dental implants. Finally, with mini dental implant surgery, the patient’s permanent denture is typically placed at the same time as the surgery is performed, while traditional implants require a healing period of several months. For these reasons, mini dental implant surgery can be the right treatment option.

A traditional dental implant next to a mini dental implant

Mini implants are smaller than traditional dental implants, and can often restore your smile without the need for a preliminary bone graft.

Mini Dental Implant Surgery Procedure

Dr. O'Dell uses advanced technology and diagnostics, including three-dimensional imaging, in order to determine optimal placement for your mini dental implants. You will be offered sedation, either in the form of nitrous oxide or an oral sedative, to ensure that you will be comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. Dr. O’Dell will also numb the treatment area thoroughly with local anesthetic. To place the implants, he will drill very small pilot holes into the jaw tissue, insert the posts, and tighten them into place. In the next step, he will attach your dental prosthetic to the implants and adjust it for optimal fit.

Mini Dental Implant Surgery Aftercare

Although your dentures will be operational immediately, they do need about four or five months to fully heal. The most important point to remember is keeping the surgical site clean and free of food particles. Dr. O’Dell will provide full instructions for aftercare, but some basic guidelines follow.

  • No smoking for 6 weeks, and no straws - suction is to be avoided, as it can disturb the blood clots.
  • Gently Rinse your mouth 3-4 times a day, with 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 8 ounces of warm water. This should begin 24 hours after surgery.
  • Use an ultra-soft toothbrush.
  • If you are prescribed antibiotics or pain medicine, take them as directed, avoiding alcoholic beverages.
  • Swelling is normal, and should reach its peak after day 2. It can be controlled simply by using an ice pack.
  • Eat soft foods like scrambled eggs, soup, or pudding the first day. After the second day or so, you should feel comfortable enough to resume a normal diet, though you may be sensitive to temperatures.

Enjoy All Mini Dental Implants Have to Offer

Mini dental implant surgery is a procedure with incredible benefits for patients who wear dentures that are loose or uncomfortable. There are minimal risks, no need for bone grafts, and they can be placed in just one visit. If you would like more information about mini dental implant surgery, or would like to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. O'Dell's office today.

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