Experience Secure Denture Support with Mini Dental Implants

Dr. Van O’Dell uses mini dental implants at his state-of-the-art practice in North Little Rock, AR, to support full dentures. Mini implants allow patients to regain full dental function so they can enjoy all their favorite foods and never have to worry about their denture slipping out of place. Because they integrate with your own oral structure, dental implants provide the strongest support possible for all kinds of dental restorations, and they have additional oral health benefits. In most cases, Dr. O'Dell can convert your existing denture into an implant-supported restoration. Alternatively, we can have our dental lab create a brand-new, custom denture to complete your mini dental implant treatment.

Mini implants allow more patients than ever to benefit from the extraordinary technology of dental implant treatment.

About Mini Implants

Mini dental implants were developed for patients without enough jawbone mass to support traditional implants. Bone degeneration is a common problem for patients with tooth loss, especially if the teeth have been missing for an extended period of time. Bone grafting, a procedure that builds up bone mass in the jaw to provide a sturdy base for dental implants, is an option for many patients. However, not all patients are good candidates for bone grafting. In addition, bone grafting adds to the complexity and cost of dental implant treatment.

Comparison to Traditional Implants

Like traditional dental implants, mini implants consist of a titanium post that is surgically placed into the patient’s jaw to replace lost tooth roots. However, mini implants are about half the diameter of traditional dental implants. Mini implants also have a different type of construction. While traditional implants have an internal thread component that allows an abutment to be attached, mini implants have a ball on the end that extends beyond the gums. This external ball allows the denture to be directly attached with a rubber O-ring. The retention system is built into the underside of the denture and allows it to rest gently on the patient’s gums while remaining firmly secured to the implant posts.

Diagram showing traditional versus mini dental implants

Treatment with mini dental implants is also faster and more streamlined. While traditional implants require at least two appointments with several months of healing time in between, mini implants can usually be placed and restored in just one appointment. Mini dental implant surgery is less invasive, since no flap needs to be created in the gum tissue and no sutures are required. Importantly, the patient’s denture can typically be attached immediately during the same appointment as the implant surgery. Patients never have to be without teeth, and they have dental function that same day.

The Mini Implant Procedure

Dr. O’Dell uses 3M mini dental implants, which can be placed in a quick, minimally invasive procedure. You will first receive anesthesia to completely numb the treatment area. If needed, you may also receive sedation dentistry in the form of nitrous oxide or oral sedation to ensure the highest degree of comfort through the procedure. Dr. O’Dell will have already determined the optimal placement for your dental implants through advanced diagnostic imaging. To surgically place the implants, he will drill small pilot points into the jaw tissue, insert the posts, and tighten them in place. In the next step, he will attach your new or existing denture to the implants and adjust it for an optimal fit. Although the implants will need time to heal, you will have functional teeth right away.

Restore Your Oral Health and Appearance

Mini implants allow more patients than ever to benefit from the extraordinary technology of dental implant treatment. Besides providing strong anchors for your denture, mini implants will help retain bone mass in your jaw to support improved oral health and a youthful facial structure. If you would like to learn more about how mini dental implants can benefit you, please contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. O’Dell.

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