Who Are Good Candidates for Metal Braces?

Close-up of a smile with metal bracesIf an irregular bite or crooked teeth are diminishing your confidence, traditional orthodontics can give you the beautifully straight teeth you have always wanted. This trusted treatment has helped millions of patients correct an array of both aesthetic and functional issues. By working closely with candidates for metal braces at his North Little Rock, AR, practice, Dr. Van O’Dell can ensure treatment best achieves each patient's individual goals. To review your candidacy for braces, reach out to our practice and schedule an appointment today.

Understanding How Braces Work

Traditional braces feature metal brackets that are attached to teeth and connected by a flexible wire. Braces work by applying constant pressure on teeth to gently move them into the proper position. This pressure is adjusted at periodic intervals during the course of treatment, which can last from several months to a few years or longer depending on the severity of the case. Thanks to advances in general dentistry, we offer braces that apply a more gentle and consistent force than older types. As a result, your braces will not require adjustment as often. Finally, by wearing your retainer and caring for your smile properly, the results of your orthodontic treatment can last for a lifetime.

Appropriate for Children and Adults

Since the early signs of bite problems typically become evident between the ages of six and 12, most candidates are children or adolescents. However, braces are also appropriate for adults of nearly any age. In order to be a good candidate for braces, age is generally not a factor to consider. Instead, good candidates are those in good oral health who are experiencing an uneven bite pattern, crooked or crowded teeth, or noticeable gaps between teeth. Although there are other orthodontic treatments available, metal braces are the preferred solution for patients with significant alignment or bite issues. Treatments such as Invisalign® are not as effective as metal braces at correcting teeth that are severely rotated or at different heights. No matter if you have crooked teeth, an improperly aligned bite, or both, metal braces are a versatile orthodontic treatment that can help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Additional Treatment Benefits

Metal braces offer additional benefits over improving your bite and appearance. Patients with crooked smiles are more prone to plaque buildup between their teeth. By moving your teeth into proper alignment, your oral health becomes easier to maintain with proper brushing and flossing. Correcting bite alignment can also prevent tooth wear and jaw pain. Additionally, many patients find that having straight teeth dramatically boosts their confidence. Dr. O’Dell can review the full benefits of metal braces during a personal consultation at our practice.

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Dr. O’Dell has been using dentistry to improve the lives of his patients since 1972. By correcting your bite and straightening your teeth, metal braces can help you experience an attractive smile and improved oral health. To discover if you are a good candidate for braces, reach out to Dr. Van O’Dell's family dentistry practice today.

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